Category: Starters

6th September 2018

Olive and Carrot Salsa

This Mediterranean salsa goes especially well with seafood.

Mock Guacamole

This mock guac packs a ton of nutrients!

Parsley Hummus

This colorful hummus is sure to stand out, especially when surrounded by bright, fresh vegetables.

White Bean Bruschetta

This bruschetta is full of fiber, nutrients, and flavor!

Spicy Bean Salsa

This “cowboy caviar” makes a healthful, low-fat dip to take to parties.

Tuna Tomato Sandwich

This tasty sandwich comes together quickly but keeps you full for hours.

Cheese Ball

Here is a cheese ball that is a little lighter in fat and calories but just as flavorful and easy to spread as a regular version.

Black Bean Chili Dip

This creamy dip tastes very rich. No one will realize that it is high in fiber and good for you.

Ranch Dip

Make this ranch dip in a snap and enjoy with crunchy fresh veggies.

Garden Pinwheels

Garden Pinwheels are a light and tasty snack.