Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is now one of the biggest health problems we currently face. It is estimated that there are around 4.5 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, with a further 1 million undiagnosed. Around 90% of those with diabetes have the type 2 version.

The study of 11 people found that by cutting their calorie intake to 800 calories a day for two months, all of them reversed their diabetes. Three months later, seven of them remained diabetes free. An MRI scan of the participants’ pancreas showed that fat levels had returned to a healthier amount, and the organ’s ability to produce the pancreatic hormone had returned.

Research at Newcastle University has suggested that type 2 diabetes is not a progressive or even a life-long disease. This means that it won’t necessarily get worse, and that with the right diet plan it can be reversed.

"To have people free of diabetes after years with the condition is remarkable – and all because of an eight-week diet."

Lead researcher Roy Taylor

Diet and Type 2 diabetes remission

Being overweight is one of the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes.. In fact, nine out of 10 adults with type 2 diabetes are living with overweight or obesity. As a result, losing weight is the cornerstone of treatment, and can even put type 2 diabetes into remission for some people.

Does it matter how quickly I lose weight?

Losing weight slowly and steadily through reducing calories and eating healthily certainly comes with benefits for people living with type 2 diabetes – for example, losing just 5% of excess weight has been shown to improve blood sugar control and reduce the amount of medication needed. But studies show remission is more likely if large amounts of weight are lost quickly and safely – typically in the region of 15kg. In addition, achieving this as soon as possible after a diagnosis seems to be important, although remission has still been seen in people who’ve lived with type 2 diabetes for many years.

How can I lose weight rapidly?

One way to achieve rapid and significant weight loss is to follow a low-calorie diet, providing around 850kcal a day. This approach has been the focus of several research studies over the past few years, including the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), funded by Diabetes UK. The study included adults with a Body Mass Index of 27 or more who were living with type 2 diabetes. Half the adults received the standard advice for type 2 diabetes, the other half swapped their usual diet for meal replacement soups or shakes totalling around 850kcal a day. After several months, healthy food was gradual reintroduced and additional support was given to help with weight maintenance.

What were the results?

After one year, diabetes was in remission in 46% of those following the meal replacement diet, compared with just 4% in the standard advice group. Furthermore, after two years, 70% of those who’d gone into remission had managed to maintain this. Overall, more than a third of people who’d followed the low-calorie meal replacement diet were in remission of type 2 diabetes two years after starting the programme.

Is it also important to reduce carbs?

Studies so far have focussed on calorie reduction to achieve the rapid and significant weight loss that seems to be successful at putting type 2 diabetes into remission. Reducing carbs can certainly be an effective way to reduce calories. However, research suggests any plan that results in weight loss can help in the management of type 2 diabetes and potentially put the condition into remission. Furthermore, there’s currently not enough evidence to suggest low-carb diets are any more effective at achieving weight loss – and keeping the weight off – than other diets.

How can I make sure my diet is nutritionally adequate?

It can be extremely difficult to get all the nutrients needed to support good health if calories are seriously restricted. That’s where specially formulated meal replacement soups, shakes and bars are beneficial. By law they must contain certain amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals to help ensure diets contain all the nutrients needed.


Step 1 – The Total Plan

The Total Plan offers you the option of kick starting your weight-loss journey by replacing all your daily meals with Shake That Weight meal replacement products. There’s no need to worry about counting calories for the meals you choose from the Shake That Weight range.

  • 800 kcal per day
  • Suitable for Women & Men (BMI 25+)
  • Women & Men with an inactive lifestyle


Step 2 – Maintenence Plan

Follow this when you have reached your weight-loss goals and need to make the progression back to eating regular meals again.

  • Helps body adjust to normal eating
  • Prevents weight gain during transition
  • Educate yourself on weight maintenance


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