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Tammie Lost Five & Half Stone

Tammie Hargreaves

My story began after reaching breaking point, I knew I needed to... *

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Sarah Lost One & Half Stone

Sarah Cartmell

My journey started one day when me and my partner were going... *

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Jill Lost Seven Stone

Jill Manning

Over the years I have tried numerous diets but the best I... *

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Pam Lost TWO Stone

Pam Rowley

Over the years my weight has had an effect on so many... *

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Skye Lost ONE & HALF Stone

Skye Thompson

I did not feel comfortable in my own body anymore. I knew... *

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Demi-leigh Lost TWO Stone

Demi-leigh Tennant

Starting weight: 11 and a half stone I noticed that I was... *

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Janine Lost One & bit Stone

Janine Conway

Up until the age of 27, I was stick thin until one... *

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Jess Lost FOUR Stone

Jess Whyte

I started Shake That Weight after a family bereavement, when my weight... *

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Paula Lost ONE & HALF Stone

Paula Caine

I am a civil servant from Blackpool, and as I have a... *

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Mike Lost THREE Stone

Mike Sarl

I have always struggled with weight issues even as a child but... *

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Casey Lost THREE Stone

Casey Atherton

My name is Caseyleigh and I’m a Bar Team Leader at JD... *

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Vicky Lost One & Half Stone


I literally don’t have time for the gym but I walk to... *

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Mick Lost Five Stone

Mick Caine

I was advised by my GP that if I lost some weight,... *

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