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Zara Smith


After my 3rd pregnancy I was shocked to see how much weight I had gained, I had let myself go by so much. This did not bother me as much as the effect it had on my health. I struggled to walk up the stairs, play with my kids and even walk down the road. It felt awful that i couldn’t do a lot with my kids. I said enough is enough! and I found Shake That Weight.

At the start my journey I didn’t really take it seriously. I was loosing a pound here and a pound there. I was having a lot of cheat days and it felt awful. It was a constant battle in my head to stay on the diet.

At the end of last year I realised that I did not loose what I should of and started properly this year. I have kept going and reminded myself that not only do I feel mentally better about staying on this diet but it’s also amazing feeling the weight fall off! Alongside this I am becoming more active as the weight is coming off. I even chased my toddler in the park a few days ago. I would never have been able to that if it wasn’t for this diet 🙂

My absolute favourite products are the strawberry shake, warmed up latte shake and the Mexican ready meal.

I definitely would recommend Shake That Weight. Some of my friends are already wanting to join so that we can share our journey together.

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