Leah Thompson - Lost FOUR stone!

I have spent years and years trying to diet, starting next week, then next week turns into the week after. One biscuit won’t hurt, then turns into 4. Always excuses.
I tried another diet brand and managed to lose a bit of weight. But it was so expensive I couldn’t keep up with it. Someone recommended Shake That Weight to me, so I thought I would try it. The products are amazing so tasty! Fill me up, and less than half price of what I was paying.


My journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Some days I would breeze it, 4 products a day and 2.5-3L of water. But other days I would be dying to just stuff myself with junk! Mainly when the kids finished eating and I couldn’t eat there left overs!! But this time I was in the mindset, I thought I’m not kidding anyone here but myself. I can do this, so I did. I stuck to plan 100% and I didn’t blip once! Don’t ask me how, but I did.

I would usually try and have porridge in the morning to fill me up, shake for lunch. Snack bar a few hours after, then I would finish with some noodles or a soup on the evening. I had teas and coffees with skimmed milk also during the day.

Now I am at my goal weight of 9st 7lbs and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve gone from a size 14-16 to a healthy size 8. I feel so happy & confident. And I’ve been managing my weight for a few months now. Just eating clean and doing lots of walking 🙂🙂

My favourite products was definitely the choc mint shakes 😻 and the choc orange one I had with warm milk so it felt like a naughty hot chocolate. Delicious!!

I loved this diet, and it REALLY does work if you follow it religiously. What is a few months of your life to feel this amazing!?
I am always felt full on this diet, I never felt hungry! Plenty of options to choose from too! Thank you Shake that weight you’ve really changed my life 🩷

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*Weight loss results are different for each individual and yours may vary.