Kirsty Eastman - Lost 3 & Half stone!

I used to be embarrassed to go out with my eldest daughter to the park or the play area as I didn’t feel as though I could run around or climb through the play area. My confidence and self esteem were at an all-time low.


I started Shake That Weight after having my 2nd child and my partner proposed to me at our baby shower. I am also maid of honour for my best friend in October as well as going to Australia for a month over Christmas with my family. So having lots of goals got me really determined.

I chose shake that weight as I have done it before and got on really well with it. I lost 4 stone after my first child and then fell pregnant with my 2nd. After having my 2nd baby and putting on half of the weight I had lost last time, I realised that I needed to do it again.

There have been lots of ups and downs, and a couple of holidays since January. I used to treat myself to multiple take-aways and junk food at the weekend but after going on a hen do and none of my clothes fitting, something just clicked. I became fairly strict and would only have treats on special occasions and not over do it when having a treat. I find drinking lots of water and keeping yourself distracted/busy are the 2 biggest tips I can give anyone. Also the Facebook support group is great! I don’t tend to write on there much but just reading how everyone is doing and seeing photos kept me motivated.

I have definitely found this to be the easiest and tastiest diet that I have ever done! I’m still losing weight and have starting going to the gym which was always a massive fear. I started to really notice a difference about 3/4 months in. I shocked myself when I realised that I was running around my daughters school playground playing tag with her and some of her friends.

I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of doing it before! I’ve become a lot more confident in my clothing and in myself. My next goal is to lose another 2st and tone up my mummy tummy and hopefully get away with wearing a bikini (for the first time in my life) on a beach in Australia at Christmas!

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