Claire Ratcliffe - Lost THREE stone!

I wanted to lose weight quite quickly to keep up with my toddler! My sister was very successful with shake that weight so that inspired me to start.


I don't really enjoy cooking so the women plan really suited my lifestyle, and it is so easy to follow which is a bonus. The first four days were the hardest but I was naughty and got on the scales after two days. I had lost 5 pounds so that really inspired me to carry on!

It just got easier and it's really taught me to listen to my body. It's taught me that I don't need to snack all the time and it's mostly thirst, so drinking plenty of water is key. After a few weeks I had so much more energy and all of a sudden I was doing more things around the house and going for walks to the park with my little one, when I would normally drive.

Even after a short period I was receiving compliments from family and friends about my weight loss, which made me feel great. The weight loss has motivated me to be a healthier person and choose healthy foods. I am now following a healthy eating plan but I plan to continue with shake that weight after a few weeks break. I haven't gained weight coming off the products as I followed the maintenance plan. I found that I continued to loose weight, which is great because I still have a way to go.

The chocolate caramel muesli is divine, especially with unsweetened almond milk. The lemon bars on my favourite, I have one every evening as it keeps me going all night! All the shakes are lovely and the wafers and zippers are so tasty.

I would definitely recommend shake that weight to others. I don't feel there is any room for improvement perhaps half price lemon bars ha ha

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*Weight loss results are different for each individual and yours may vary.