Category: Lean Meat and Poultry

6th September 2018

Chicken Bean Skillet

This skillet meal is very tasty and easy to make. Slices of chicken are cooked in a seasoned sauce with lots of veggies and beans.

Chicken Rice Casserole

This hearty casserole is a perfect comfort food.

Quick Bake Lasagna

This recipe has 212 fewer calories and 18 fewer grams of fat per serving than regular beef lasagna.

Chicken Stew

This recipe has 115 fewer calories and 12 fewer grams of fat per serving than regular beef stew.

Roasted Turkey Breast

Roasting brings out the full flavors of this tasty turkey breast.

Turkey Tomato Chili

Serve this chili with pasta, rice, or a baked potato. Round out the meal with a large tossed salad.

Chicken Noodle Skillet

This dish goes great with a fresh, green salad.

Power Chili

This chili is filling, with plenty of fiber and protein.

Quick & Easy Chicken Chili

Who knew chili could be so simple and filling? Try it today!

Turkey Goulash

This dish is usually made with beef, but we substituted turkey. No one will notice the difference, and your heart will thank you.