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Natalia Ruszkowska


I decided to give Shake that Weight diet a shot after I have seen the amazing effects of it through my friends and family. I used to get very sore whilst walking, I couldn’t run and fit into my pre-baby clothes. I felt depressed and used to wear clothes that hid every roll of fat that I had. I was very unhappy.

The beginnings were the hardest. Before the diet I didn’t drink a lot and never ate breakfast. I had to get used to having 4 meals a day instead of one huge dinner at night. After the first week I noticed that I felt very energetic. This diet taught me to eat regularly, keep hydrated and to take more care about what I put into my body. The meals are delicious and I still yet have to find one that I don’t like.

My definite favourite products are the breakfast muesli and chocolate peanut bar. I add soya milk to my muesli and it tastes delicious. Chocolate peanut bar is great for the times that I fancy a treat.

I would definitely recommend Shake That Weight to others as I have tried numerous diets and this is the one that works best whilst providing all the nutrients to the body. It’s flexible, it has a great variety of foods and the food is delicious. 10 out of 10.

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