Samantha Cordingley - Lost TWO stone!

I just couldn’t get the weight off by doing standard diets. A pound here and a pound there and then putting two pounds back on when having a meal out or a drink etc. I needed something that not only works but comes off quickly to give me the motivation and focus to carry on and stick with it. I’m very much an all or nothing person and this plan is great for that.


The first week is the hardest but I found going to bed early and drinking lots of water helped me over those first few days. Once in bed I knew I would wake up feeling so good and it was another day ticked off. I kept a chart and would tick off each day. I had so much energy and felt an instant sharpness and very alert feeling. I literally felt like I could run to the moon and back. Loved being in control of my life not only with eating but drinking too. Loved the abstinence and sobriety. It really opened my mind and way of thinking.

The big chocolate peanut bar is my favourite, I always had one first thing and looked forward to it every morning. I found all the noodles tasty and so easy to make. The shakes were also refreshing and very filling. The soups are really good as well.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants amazing results and quick. It keeps you motivated and focused. The weight literally falls off if you stick to it. A brand new you is so easy to achieve with this plan! The products are so tasty and there is so much choice for everyone.

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*Weight loss results are different for each individual and yours may vary.