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Shhh… Here’s how to save money with Shake That Weight

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Bulk Save

Buy more, save more.

The more you order, the bigger the discount.

Across many of the products we offer a fantastic Bulk Save discount to help you get even better value for money, and keep more cash in your pockets.

The products are mix and match too, so you can buy a variety of delicious Shake That Weight meals and bars and still take advantage of the discount across all products in the offer.

*Example table for most Shakes/Noodles/Soups/Porridge. Tables can be found when you click on the product in the shop.

Bulk Save*


Qty in cart Per item Discount
84 £1.12 £10.92
126 £1.08 £21.42
168 £0.99 £43.68

You can mix items – QTY is the total of ALL ‘Bulk Save items’

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Special Offers

Browse our wide range of tasy meal options and offers

All Flavour Wafers

6 for £7.99

Saving £0.95

All Zippers

6 for £7.98

Saving £0.95

Water Flavourings

3 for £12

Saving £1.47

beef protein meal in dish with packaging

Ready Meals

3 for £10

Saving £1.97

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Loyalty Scheme

Saver Club

The Saver Club is loyalty scheme is designed to reward you with money off your next purchase for every pound you spend. Earning rewards is easy:


You earn 1 point for every £1 you spend

You can then redeem these rewards next time you shop with Shake That Weight.


1 point is worth 5p off your next purchase

£25 spent earns you £1 .25

£50 spent earns you £2 .50

£100 spent earns you £5


The Small Print

An account is required and you must ensure you are logged in when you purchase. Mistakes cannot be rectified later.

Free Delivery Note: Points redeemed are calculated before the free delivery threshold. So if your points take you below £50 you will need to increase you order value to qualify

You can redeem points up to 50% of your order value

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Clearance Products

Products with a short shelf and/or unbranded packaging. Some great taste and quality but priced to clear

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Smokey Cheese & Ham Protein Wafer

Kcal 154

Carbs 6.6

Protein 15

Satisfy your savoury side

Buy 10 for £8
£1.49 £0.60 Save £0.89
- +
Savers Club

Tasty Tomato and Basil Soup

Kcal 142

Carbs 11.5

Protein 13

A delicious Mediterranean twist on the classic tomato soup.

Bulk Save - View Offer -

Mix and match all "bulk save" items. Match the quantity of all the Bulk Save items you are buying in the table below to see the price that THIS product will be reduced to.

So you can mix shakes, noodles, bars etc and achieve discounts.

Bulk Save

- +
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Voucher Codes

So, you're looking for an extra discount!!

Sorry this code has now expired

Code: 2poundoff

*Limited to once per user

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