Category: Beans

Texas-Style Bean Dip

This spicy, nutritious bean dip will be a hit at parties and potlucks.

Black Bean Pasta Toss

This quick and easy pasta is full of nutrients!

Black Bean Rotini

This hearty pasta dish will make you feel full for hours!

Mediterranean Bean Soup

This filling soup is packed with fiber and nutrients.

Quick Chili with Rice

This is a great meal to bring to the office or serve as a quick weeknight dinner.

Red Beans and Brown Rice

This delicious recipe freezes really well.

White Bean Bruschetta

This bruschetta is full of fiber, nutrients, and flavor!

Lima Bean Chowder

This filling chowder is a crowd-pleasing favorite!

Lentil Chili Pot

This hearty chili can be made in a single pot!

Chili Rice Soup

This quick, flavorful soup with keep you full for hours.