Category: Beans

Spicy Bean Soup

When there’s a winter chill in the air, this spicy bean soup will warm your tastebuds.

Garlic White Bean Soup

This delicious soup is like a taste of Tuscany!

Tomato Bean Potpourri

1 cup cooked kidney beans 1 cup cooked green beans 1 cup shredded raw kale 1 cup tomatoes, diced 1/4 cup fat-free

Tuscan White Bean Soup

This delicious soup makes a meal of its own. Here is a fast and easy recipe.

Salsa Bean Dip

Try this bean dip when you want a zesty treat that is easy to make.

Rice and Bean Salad

Beans and rice are tossed with tropical fruits and jalapeno for a zesty refreshing salad.

Garden Pasta with Lima Beans

This great pasta dish uses lima beans to add texture and appeal to this dish.

Southwest Bean Dip

Bean dip is a great way to add more fiber in a snack or appetizer.

Ranch-Style Beans & Greens

Tender greens are cooked with pinto beans, zucchini and a ranch-style sauce.

Garden Tostada

Baked corn tortillas add a nice hearty crunch to this zesty salad.