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A Smooth Transition

Same diet plan with 50+ new tasty products

With the announcement* of another diet companies closure. I would like to take the opportunity to welcome any customers to Shake That Weight. We understand how difficult it can be to have such a disruption during your diet. Don’t worry because our products are formulated to the same nutritional values to claim 'meal replacement for weight control' set in EU regulation regulation (EU) 2016/1413, so it is an easy transition for you.

You can either carry on using Shake That Weight products with your old meal replacement diet plan or take the time to have a read through our plans here

Shake That Weight offer a very wide range of meal replacement products and meals, so you are sure to find something you will enjoy. I would recommend a ‘New Starter' bundle to give you an introduction to a range of our products: You can view all our products at the shop.

Should you have any other questions, we have a great Facebook community which is lovely and supportive, so why not join the group. Welcome aboard and Enjoy the Journey!

*References: Jamie Nield  announcement on Exante Diets Facebook Jan 5th 2024

Exante Diet vs Shake That Weight

  • Huge Range of 50+ meals and snacks IN STOCK to choose from.
  • Fast dispatch and next day delivery options
  • Prices from £1.85 per meal and save up to 15% extra with our "create your own" bundles
  • Shake options to mix with water or milk
  • Free weight tracker and access to support group
  • 17,000+ 5 Star customers reviews
  • 500K happy customers worldwide

It's What's Inside That Counts

High Protein

Up your protein intake with a whopping approx 20g per serving.

26 Vitamins & Minerals

Support your body with all the nutrition it needs.

Natural Sugars

We have a range that only use naturally sourced sugars and no artificial sweeteners.


Perfect meal replacement for a low calorie diet.

High Fibre

We use gut friendly fibre without potato starch that can cause stomach upset.

Delicious and Creamy

We focus on great taste and texture with all our products.

Natural Flavours

For great taste without the artificial aftertaste you get from other brands.

Gluten Free

Wide range of gluten free products safe for coeliacs.

Start today with our healthy, highly nutritious,
super tasty, 7-day new starter meal plan!

Mix of 21 shakes, soups, cereals & meal bars

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17,000+ 5 Star customers reviews

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New to Shake That Weight?

How your journey works in a nutshell

Let us guide you through your weight-loss journey

We have a diet plan to suit all shapes, sizes and lifestyles

Total Plan

800 kcal

Everyday Plan

1,000 kcal

Active Plan

1,200 kcal

5:2 Fasting Plan

800 kcal


Other products in the range

From big and filling bars to warming and tasty soup. Shake That Weight have it all.


Create Your Own Bundle and Save

The more you buy the more you save... what's not too like!
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