How Many Calories Do You Burn In A Day?

Our bodies are constantly burning calories all day long, whether we’re eating, reading or sleeping. No matter how sedentary the task, your body is constantly working hard to keep you in running order. We’ve decided to find out just what our bodies are doing with our calories as we go through our daily lives. From the amount of calories it takes to give your pearly whites a clean, to what you burn as you shop for food, you’re bound to be surprised at how many calories our bodies use for energy every day.

How many calories do you burn in a day: Shake That Weight

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How Many Calories Do You Burn In A Day? – Transcript

Our bodies burn calories even for the most mundane tasks but how much does an average 155 lbs person burn in a day?
Good morning!

We burn 382 calories sleeping for 7 hours.
Showering for 15 minutes will burn 62 calories.
Drying your hair for 15 minutes burns 39 calories.
Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes burns 4 calories.
We burn 66 calories ironing our clothes for 30 minutes.

Did you know? Everyone burns calories at a different rate? This is dictated by your ‘Basal Metabolic rate’.

Time To Get To Work

You could drive to work and burn 60 calories when travelling for a 30 minute journey.
Walking for 30 minutes at 3.5mph will mean you’ll burn 149 calories.
Taking the stairs on arrival burns 15 calories which takes effect after just three minutes.
Being at your desk for 1 hour sat down means you’ll burn 102 calories.

Did you know? Carpentry, carpeting, tiling, painting and wallpapering will all burn around 167 calories in the space of just half an hour.

Off The Clock

Pushing the trolley around the shop for half an hour could burn 130 calories.
Put the shopping away in ten minutes and you could burn 26 calories.
Any other chores to do? Hoovering and laundry burns around 95 calories in an hour.
More intensive tasks like cutting the grass for 30 minutes will burn 205.
Cooking a relatively quick dinner will burn around 93 calories.
Spending time with your children could burn around 186 calories in 30 minutes.

Remember: 100 calories from vegetables are not the same as 100 calories from sweets. They keep you fuller for longer as well as providing essential nutrients.

Feeling sleepy…

Bath Time – You’ll burn 30 calories bathing your child, and though we don’t have the maths for it, you’re bound to shift more than a few calories trying to put them to bed!
Now Relax – The day is done, the chores are complete, and everyone is fed. You’ll burn 28 calories watching TV for half an hour (and yes, you’ll burn more if you watch it a bit longer).

Feeling virtuous?

If you fancy trying something new, an hour of these sports burns:
1220 – Cycling (over 20mph)
940 – Running (at 7.5mph)
900 – Skipping
670 – Boxing
632 – Rowing
600 – Climbing
600 – Football
520 – Swimming

Did you know? 15 minutes of light yoga before bed will shed 75 calories.

In an average day you could burn around . . . 2000 calories. This would be calorie-neutral for a woman, whereas a man’s intake is recommended to be . . . 2500 calories. Remember, it’s not all about calories counting, but hopefully this can help you tailor a balanced lifestyle.