Autumnal Awesomeness!

The evening sunshine declining, the changing climate and the inevitable post-summer low bank balance and Christmas spending already on your mind. Autumn could be looking a little bit blue, But it shouldn’t be, it should be as colourful as the leaves cascading from the trees around us.

Autumn provides us with many entertaining activities that shouldn’t cost a penny. Here are a selection of awesome autumnal activities;

Fruit Picking

From Apples to Pears, Blackberries and Rosehips, there are many free foods out there now. I suggest you find your nearest waterway and walk the banks looking for fresh berries and fruits, and then spend your time turning them in to anything from pie fillings to jams and jellies. Make chutney now and it will be ready for Christmas, or go looking for Sloes and Damsons and get making some Gin for those New Year celebrations.


If you enjoy trying to capture the perfect image there is no time like the present to get outside and make it happen. With the sun hanging low in the sky and plenty of clear days still around, the perspective landscape view can be immense. Not to mention the wildlife that is still flittereing about trying to collect food from the last of the years harvest. And then the colours that are abundant within nature that can provide the perfect backdrop to that new profile or cover photo.

Painting, Drawing or Writing

As with photography the current landscape and outdoors can provide the greatest inspiration. Whether you would find more interest in penning a lovely Autumn Poem or committing yourself to a new fabulous water colour or perhaps a brief sketch. There is not a more beautiful time of year to do all of the above that this season.

Walking, Cycling

Whichever activity you prefer, If you can ditch cleaning the house for the day and get outside whether it be on your own, with your partner or kids, now is the perfect time to enjoy some of this countries marvellous countryside. You could even try some or all of the above activities whilst you’re outside, pick some fruit to give you a little more energy, take you camera, or indeed just your phone and snap some lovely photos or simply take your notebook with you and do some writing or sketching.

No matter what you do this Autumn, remember that having fun costs nothing!

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  1. Hi just started stw for evening meal does anyone know what your allowed for salad dressing also are you allowed lettuce and cucumber it doesn’t mention that in booklet ☺

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