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Coconut oil: Superfood or super fad?

24 July 2017

Coconut oil: Superfood or the fad that could make you fat? Another week, another super food that’s going to magically make you thin and healthy. This time the flavour of the week is coconut oil. You can barely open a cookbook or watch a cooking programme on TV that isn’t heralding it as the second... Keep reading

The Importance of Drinking Water on a Diet

28 April 2017

It is very important when following this diet to drink you water allowance. Aside from keeping you hydrated, drinking water can actually help you lose weight. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body speed up its metabolism, helping it to burn fat. It also helps the body to digest food and eliminate toxins... Keep reading

Health Benefits of Lemons

8 February 2016

Rich in vitamin C lemons have long been used for there health benefits, but did you know that one of the major benefits of drinking warm lemon juice is to speed up digestion and inevitably your metabolism. Making warm lemon juice the perfect ‘good morning drink’. Nutritional Value Of Lemons A glass of lemon juice contains... Keep reading

Metabolism: Tips and Tricks

8 February 2016

If you’re on a diet and trying to shred those extra pounds that have inevitably creeped up on you over the festive period there is one thing you need to keep an eye on, and that’s your metabolism. We have all known people throughout our lives who seem to constantly gorge themselves and never seem... Keep reading

Benefits Of Coffee

8 February 2016

The health effects of coffee are quite controversial. Depending on who you ask, it is either a super healthy beverage or incredibly harmful. But despite what you may have heard, there are actually plenty of good things to be said about coffee. For example, it is high in antioxidants and linked to a reduced risk... Keep reading

Why Porridge is Awesome!

8 February 2016

 Porridge, the warm breakfast cereal that is simply oats, that are brought to the boil slowly until you’re preferred consistency is reached, is one of the best ways to start the day. Here are just some of the reasons why porridge is awesome… Appetite Regulation Whole grains and whole-grain derivatives have a high amount of... Keep reading

How to survive long-haul travel!

8 February 2016

Being enclosed in a metal tube for several hours can be hard even for the most frequent passenger. But long haul flights don’t have to be the uncomfortable experience we expect. Here are some helpful tips for the next time you step on board..   Pack snacks Hunger on the ground is bad enough, but... Keep reading

Walking: The Best Entertainment!

7 February 2016

If you’re searching for a way to spend the evening, or that free day at the weekend you’ve suddenly found yourself with, you should look no further than where your own legs could carry you. Whether by yourself, with friends or that special someone, you could just leave the house and see what you can... Keep reading

Remove The Post-Christmas Blues!

31 December 2015

The post Christmas period can make even the strongest of people feel a little weary. Back to work, lack of forthcoming social events, the inevitable weight gain, miserable English weather and you better not even check the bank balance as they can all help lead to that melancholic feeling. However, there are many ways lighten... Keep reading

Fitness Trends 2016

31 December 2015

It’s that time of year again where people are assessing what will be the high profile fitness trends of 2016. Here are some of my predictions. Wearable technology. You don’t need me to tell you that one of the biggest fitness trends of the last couple of years will continue to be one of the... Keep reading


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