Walking: The Best Entertainment!

If you’re searching for a way to spend the evening, or that free day at the weekend you’ve suddenly found yourself with, you should look no further than where your own legs could carry you. Whether by yourself, with friends or that special someone, you could just leave the house and see what you can find out your very own front door or travel a little bit to find the perfect walking spot.

Walking is surely one of the most entertaining ways to spend your time, and here are a few reasons why it is also one of the best ways to exercise..

Waking is Free

For those looking to start doing exercise after a layoff, as a result of entering the age of parenthood, walking is a viable option. There are no expensive gym membership fees that are often lost when motivation drags a month or so into the process, and no waiting for equipment during peak times. And, rather than staring at the same gym wall, week in week out, you can make the time interesting by choosing a different route each time – something that allows you to really get to know your city.


Walking is Great for the Body

Walking is well understood to reduce blood pressure and improve the general health of the circulatory system. Being low-impact it is a particularly practical form of exercise for those looking to lose weight and, for those not used to exercise, it is a gentle way to begin integrating exercise into their lifestyle, and is a lot safer than running. It also strengthens bones, prevents type 2 diabetes and reduces the chance of getting breast and colon cancer, all while improving your stamina and without breaking into a sweat.

Walking is Great for the Mind.

We all live hectic and stressful lives and walking is known to reduce stress, while the great outdoors can do wonders for your mood – important when the weight of parenthood can overcome you. This time in the fresh air is also a good opportunity to think your way through problems and you will arrive home fitter and with a clearer head.

You Can do it With Anybody

Walking is a form of exercise that even the most fried coach potato will be happy to take part in, and it can be a very sociable way to spend a couple of hours with friends. Some consider football to be the most democratic of sports, considering that all you need are some friends and something spherical to kick, but of all the different forms of exercise out there, this award must surely go to walking.