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We are looking to get some more video testimonials from all you lovely people who have gone through the diet plan. Please share the experience of your weight loss and recommendation for our plans.

To enter

Grab your phone or webcam and answer some of these simple questions:

– Who are you?
– What made you start Shake That Weight?
– Why did you choose Shake That Weight?
– What changes did you see?
– What positive impact has it had on your life?
– Describe how you followed the plan? What were your favourite products?
– Has it worked for you? and How do you feel now?
– Why do you love STW?
– Would you recommend STW?

Upon receiving your video*, approved videos will receive a £30 voucher off to use with your next order.

* We reserve the right to refuse entries that do not meet our quality standards. We also must be able to verify you as an existing customer.


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If you have any issues uploading please contact us here

How to shoot a good video

Turn your phone horizontal


Ideally get someone else to hold the phone for you but you can do it yourself

Hold the phone slightly above your eye level and tilt down towards your face.




Find a room with lots of natural light

Turn off the electric lights

Stand around 1 metre away from a window



Find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed

Stay within 1 meter of the microphone on your phone


You can watch a good video on how to do this here:

How to shoot a testimonial video on your phone – Video Guide