Christmas Travel Ideas!

Nowadays with the world much closer together, were much more likely to have family abroad or at on the other side of the country. This makes Christmas one of the bussiest times for travellers and also can be pretty nasty on the wallet and sometimes your nerves.

If you are travelling this Christmas whether by car for a few hours or to the other side of the world by air, it can be a mixture of excitement and torture. Here’s some quick tips to save your sanity and some extra pennies for the more important things, like presents!

If travelling for at least an overnight stay for Christmas

Give yourself as much of a head start as possible. Arrive at your destination at least one day in advance to unpack and get settled in.

Pack extra bags – at Christmas it’s more than likely you might have to come home with more than you left with! You don’t want to be buying extra luggage. Taking some reusable shopping bags can do the trick! Packing a smaller suitcase inside a larger suitcase is another secret that works to bring home the Christmas gift loot.

Send presents ahead – post your gifts to the destination ahead of time – one less thing to worry about to save you a bundle in excess luggage.

Research and plan an activity away from the hosts at your destination – it can break up the trip and keep everyone happy.

If it’s a long-haul trip to your destination, stash some little Christmas gifts for the children to unwrap along the journey.

If you are travelling overseas – check your passports and visas are in order in advance of time. Consulates and passport offices are not places that want to help you beat the Christmas rush during the silly season.

Money saving tip

If you are flying, book your flights NOW if you haven’t already. Airlines penalise your pocket a little bit more with every week as Christmas approaches. Skyscanner, Kayak and Skiplagged are known for the cheapest flights and if you’re prepared to travel on December 25, as opposed to the rush times of Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, then you can save a little more.

If travelling for the day

Save one special present for your children to open just before they leave – one that may keep them occupied for part of the trip.

You can have a special Christmas I spy . Who can count the most Santa’s, the most Christmas signs or spot the most lights on houses.

Money saving tip

When travelling by car, fill up the car or even fill up a jerry can with petrol before the price’s likely increase during the week of Christmas.