Tammie Hargreaves - Lost Five & Half stone!

My name is Tammie and I have been yo-yo dieting for the past 21 years until I found Shake That Weight!


My story began after reaching breaking point, I knew I needed to do something to loose the weight once and for all. I came across STW whilst researching different diets. I read the success stories and thought as it was something I hadn't done before so it was worth giving it a shot.

Taking conventional food out of the equation was just what I needed. I knew it wouldn't be easy but the products were yummy. My favourite products were the strawberry shake, muesli bars and not to forget the zippers mmmm. I got lots of support from the Facebook group and this would motivate me to keep going by reading everyone's progress.

I followed the Woman Plan for five and a half months then moved on to the Woman with Meal VLCD. I signed up to an online nutrition course to educate myself and keep focused. Seven and a half months later and I am at my goal weight, I am so happy. I have gone from size 18/20 to size 10!*

I'm now a healthy weight of 9 Stone, 5 Pounds and have never been happier. As a bonus I suffered with IBS pre plan and this has now totally resolved.

I now plan on implementing exercise, following maintenance and living the healthy lifestyle I have always dreamed of.

I would recommend STW to everybody! My results speak for themselves. After 21 years on the weight loss merry-go-round, I am finally off it and free all thanks to Shake That Weight!

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*Weight loss results are different for each individual and yours may vary.