Janine Conway - Lost One & bit stone!

I am 38 and a mother of two children.


Up until the age of 27, I was stick thin until one morning I woke up fat! Although it was a bit more gradual than that, it seemed to catch up with me all at once and I was continuing to get bigger.

The problem was then compounded when I became pregnant with my first child. At first I loved it because I had an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I liked. This was brilliant and I continued with the same attitude through to having my second daughter. After all this I was at the heaviest I have ever been at 15 stone!

This led me to try and find a solution. I started with Weight Watchers and it didn’t work for me. I would lose 4lb and then put 6lb back on, so I thought I would try Slimming World and what a waste of £90 that turned out to be. I stuck at it to the letter but managed to put a stone and half on. It actually cost me to get fatter! Haha.

I liked the idea of Lighter Life but was put off by the high price tag. I don’t earn enough to support that programme and did not feel comfortable with the idea of counselling. My issue was that I like eating. I did try a few of their shakes to see what the fuss was about but to be honest they were powdery and I didn’t feel like they would sustain me. So, this was a big ‘no’ for me.

After this I tried boot-camps which were great for my fitness but it all came down to cost, trying different diets and losing weight then putting it back on.

It was at this point I was ready to give up and thought to myself I am just going to stay fat as its cheaper! I changed my diet and took out things like bread and potatoes to the point where I was virtually gluten free but this still was not helping me drop the pounds.

I had hit rock bottom with my confidence at an all-time low. I didn’t have the will to do anything more about my weight problem and it didn’t help having someone tell you were fat every day and that I need to sort it. This was annoying as they were not exactly in peak physical condition themselves, ‘pot’, ‘kettle’ and ‘black’ sprang to mind.

It was only when I bumped it to an old friend. We had a chat about general life and a great laugh, when the subject turned to weight management. She mentioned she had used Shake That Weight and lost loads! I explained I don’t have much money etc but she sent me the link and it’s the best thing I have ever done.

I ordered my first lot of strawberry shakes and noodles, not only are they cheap but they tasted amazing. I could bath in the strawberry shake I love it! It’s nicer than anything I have ever tasted. The noodles are fab. They taste gorgeous and were just what I needed for lunchtime. I got some soups too which I worried would be like the powdery Lighter Life ones but actually tasted like soup and were very satisfying. I put in my second order and it came extremely quickly.

In two weeks I lost 1 stone and 4lb. I feel happier, look better and my confidence is soaring, all because of Shake That Weight! It’s that good that I have recommended it to 6 of my friends who are on their own Shake That Weight journey right now and dropping pounds.

Thank you Shake That Weight for saving me!

Disclaimer: all opinions in the article are that of Janine and not representative of Shake That Weight LTD.

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