How to Start Losing Weight Today

Losing weight can be difficult. If you are overweight, making small steps towards the end goal will bring a range of important health benefits which ultimately will leave you feeling like a brand new person.

The mistake that most people make is wanting to see results and fast. The key to success is in fact making small, realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle that you can work into your daily routine and eventually, you will see the changes that you want.

Evidence shows that the best way to lose weight is by making long-tern changes that can result in a steady rate of weight loss. So, ditch that fad diet plan and listen up.

Commit to change

It’s recommended that adults between the age of 19 and 64 should do 150 minutes of physical exercise a week. And guess what, the same is true of adults aged 65+. If you are overweight, you should aim to gradually build up to 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity per week.

Our daily routines can make us lose sight of just how much we are eating and drinking and the result is weight gain. In order to lose weight we must eat less – even on a healthy diet – and exercise more.

Us Brits love fad diets but the fact is that these diets are not a long term solution. The kind of lifestyles promoted with these fad diets cannot be maintained and so when you stop, it is likely that old habits will return and weight will be gained.

Our recommendation? Choose a diet and exercise regime that you can incorporate into your everyday routine.

Make Changes Today

You can make five small changes to your life today to start on your journey to weight loss.

  • Check your BMI. If your BMI is in the overweight range, aim to achieve a BMI in the healthy range. You should aim to lose between 5% and 10% of your starting weight if you are in the overweight range.
  • What are you planning on snacking on today? Take it and swap it for something healthier. Our favourite snacks (crisps, chocolate, sweets) are all high in fat and sugar. Swap your snack for fruit or malt-loaf with low-fat spread and do the same every day. You are on your way to adopting a new healthy diet.
  • Ditch the sugary fizzy drinks and swap them for sparkling water with a slice of lemon. Don’t forget, alcohol is high in calories too so it is important to cut down on alcohol consumtion to help control weight.
  • Fit one extra walk into your day, commit to it and you have adopted another habit into your new healthy regime. Fast walking is a great way to burn calories and it is an easy way to work exercise into your daily routine. Get off the bus one stop early or walk to the shops to help lose that weight.
  • Make your breakfast healthier. Can you do this using the foods you already have at home? Watch out for sugary cereals, too.

What Changes Can You Make This Week?

Four actions you can take this week:

    • The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to eat healthy, balanced meals. It can be hard to keep up if you have a busy schedule so make time for a weekly shop. When at the supermarket, always choose fresh food and keep an eye out for the healthier options.
    • We all like treats and after a week of exercise and healthy eating it can be good to reward yourself. Instead of reaching for the takeaway menu, why not make your own healthier versions of your favourite meals?
    • You have taken on a brisk walk once a day. Now, it is time to commit to another way to increase your level of physical activity. Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 are recommended to do at 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity a week. Cycling and fast walking are great for helping you to lose weight. The Couch to 5K programme set out by the NHS is great for anyone who is looking to get fit. It is designed to get just about anyone off the sofa and running 5km in just nine weeks.
    • Identify your danger zones. You will probably find that there are times during the week when you are prone to eating more food which is high in fats and sugars. Are you eating out, tired or stressed? Plan ahead and be prepared but don’t be too strict on yourself. A small indulgence now and again is fine.

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