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Shake that Weight  COVID-19 (corona virus) update

Update 12th May: Most parcels are arriving on time however some are experiencing 1-2 days delay. We are aware that most parcels to NI and ROI are experiencing a few days delay at the moment.

Update 7th April: Due to increasing pressures on logistics, only orders placed before 2pm (weekdays) will be dispatched the same day. Sorry for the inconvenience

Update 24th March: Further to the Government announcement yesterday we would like to re-assure customers that as a Food business we will still be operating for as long as feasible. At the moment orders and deliveries are operating as normal without restrictions but please allow for some delays due to the extra strain on logistics at this time. Also “ship to shop” options will be disabled, your order must go to your home/office address until further notice.

We have taken every pre-caution to stay operational and keep you in supply for as long as you need.  We have more stock on hand than usual and we will keep delivering for as long as possible, but this is out of our hands at the moment and we will monitor events with the couriers.

All office staff are working from home, and we have a couple of members of picking and packing staff working tirelessly to keep the orders going out.  Our building is closed to everyone except essential staff.

Delivery drivers collect parcels from the warehouse loading bay without any contact with our staff. We also have antibacterial stations and keep all internal doors propped open to avoid shared handle contact.  Every morning the staff are disinfecting their stations and packing trolleys.

During this time we ask that you allow us some leeway as deliveries may take longer than usual due to unprecedented demand and the extra strain on our delivery partners.


Stay positive and look out for your neighbours. We as a nation have been through worse and you are all more resilient than you realise.


We are thinking of all during these trying times




Shake That Weight

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