Remove The Post-Christmas Blues!

The post Christmas period can make even the strongest of people feel a little weary. Back to work, lack of forthcoming social events, the inevitable weight gain, miserable English weather and you better not even check the bank balance as they can all help lead to that melancholic feeling. However, there are many ways lighten your spirits after the festive period. Here are our top tips for beating the post-Christmas blues.



Banish the feeling of ennui by formulating a plan, this could be a night out with friends, a small trip with a loved one, or even attempting to create a new routine around your work or home life. Dependent on budget and lifestyle, whatever you plan is, make sure it is something you will really look forward to, then start counting down the days.

Get Laughing

Laughter is a proven way to lift the temporary blues; releasing endorphins which can create a feeling of positive wellbeing. Grab a funny DVD, book, or even give a good (funny) friend a phone call and spend some time exercising your laughter muscles.

Embrace The Fear

Step out of your comfort zone and take a few risks if you feel uninspired after Christmas. Making a commitment to do one thing a week that makes you feel a little scared can leave you feeling energised.  Whether it is something small  or big, challenging your fears is almost guaranteed to put you in a positive mood.


Getting off the sofa or out of the bed and being active is one of the best things you can do. Exercise is not just a proven way of boosting your mood, if weight gain is one of the problems getting you down it will help you quickly shift those excess pounds. Going for a long walk or run, or trying something new like yoga or Tai Chi can help put you in much improved frame of mind.

Eat Healthy

However tempting it is to bury your woes under piles of junk food, a healthy diet is far more effective for helping boost your mental and physical well being. Foods containing B vitamins (which help produce serotonin) such as whole grains, nuts and even Marmite (if you love it), and those containing Omega-3 fatty acids (which can help lift depression), such as fish or flax seeds.

Help Others

Taking some time to help others by doing some volunteer work or even trying to just do one small act of kindness each day, like helping a friend or offering another person a smile for no reason will not only help distract you from your blues, but could also help others be free of theirs. Kindness just like sadness is contagious so start the new year by trying to spread some joy around your life.


Being solitary can really hurt your well being and self-esteem, you can’t always rely on everyone else to make plans. If you feel like your social life is lacking, get proactive. Call a friend, arrange to visit someone you haven’t seen for a while or even try to create some new friendships by taking up a hobby or joining a club.

Fix your finances

Financial worry is a great creator of stress, and Christmas can be one of the most damaging times. Rather than worry, sort it out. See what your finances are really like and set yourself a budget to stick to over the next few months. This may not help straight away and can be a difficult thing to sort out, but doing this now will save you numerous headaches in the future. Face your finances, work out how you can move forward, and then you can start to be happier.


If it is the thought of returning to your regular routine after the holidays are over, perhaps it is time for you to make some real positive changes in your life. Everyone feels a bit down returning to work after a holiday, but if the thought is really bringing you down then maybe its time to change your job. Maybe its other aspects of your life that are making you feel unhappy, your partner, the extra few pounds you’ve gained. The new year is a time to analyse your life and bring about the changes you need in order to be more fulfilled and improve your well being. By the time the twelve days are over and your taking down the decorations to store away for another year, do it with a smile on your face in the knowledge that you are on right path for you.