5 Simple Activities to Help Weightloss

Starting a new workout or exercise routine can be hard, especially if you have more weight to lose than most people. The gym environment can be a daunting and intimidating experience, and without the money to spend on a personal trainer, trying to put together a routine can be both confusing and uncomfortable.

Exercise is one of the most important tools for weight loss, and indeed for toning after weight loss has been achieved.

Here are five of the best exercises to help aid any high intensity weight loss programme.


I can’t speak highly enough of this more than simple exercise, requiring little equipment, and can be done everywhere, if you are new to exercise try walking for just 15 to 30 minutes a day and add more time and distance gradually over time. As your fitness levels increase vary the speed and try incorporating more hill climbs and stairs to really start toning your body without damaging your body like running can do.

Treading Water/ Aqua Jogging

Very low impact but with great resistance it’s amazing how much harder your body has to work when you are in water. Lots of pools and gyms of water aerobics classes, you will often get a lot more out of any exercise you can do in water because of the resistance. Recently after suffering a bad knee injury I started to regain fitness by going to my local pool and treading water for ten minute intervals before clinging to the side and doing stretches, and I was amazed and not only how much this helped my knee, but also how toned it made my body feel.

Exercise Classes

One of the best way to sticking to any exercise is to create a social support network around your activity and at any beginner fitness class you are going to find many like minded people looking to achieve the same goals as you. There are new fitness classes popping up all the time, with varied amount of intensity, and many offer cheaper or even free first classes, so visit your local leisure centre and try a few to find the right one for you.

Strength Training

There are special benefits to any overweight exerciser who takes up strength training. It can correct postural issues associated with carrying extra weight, and increases your body’s range of motion throughout activity. Also when you build muscle your metabolism increases whilst your body is at rest. You can start lifting small weights at home, however with the varied equipment and assistance offered at a gym you might be better off to start your weight training there.


Mind body exercises have become much more accessible to the general public over recent years, with lots more classes and youtube video tutorials, with Yoga being the most popular. However, yoga which contains many balance-orientated can be difficult and embarrassing if you are carrying a little extra weight. Tai-Chi uses a series of flowing movements to increase range of motion in joints and incorporate some easier balance postures. Taichi also incorporates meditational elements that help deal with anxiety and stress.


Remember, the exercise you are doing is always less important the then fact you are exercising to begin with. Please feel free to share with us the exercises that you have started doing to help your weight loss.