20 of Youtube’s Best Free Fitness Channels

Are you somebody that has spent hundreds of pounds on workout DVD’s as they have hit trend? Or, Do you have an unwillingness to go and do that new dance workout in front of the prying eyes down at your local gym?

Well now you need to look no further than Youtube your very own free internet video source, to get the most out of your free evening time, and workout in the comfort of your own home.

From varied intensity cadio workouts to high intensity dance exercises and even skilful free weight demo’s, Youtube is now awash with workout videos designed to make it easier for the conscientious new fitness buff.

Here is a list of some of the best health and fitness channels to aid your new fresh approach to life;

  1. Com video channel– This channel provide’s tips on diet, nutrition, fitness and lots and lots of free exercise videos.
  2. DormFit – Workout programs that you can do inside of your lounge, kitchen, or room with next to no equipment.
  3. LiveStrong Channel– Another site that provide’s numerous free diet, nutritional and exercise videos.
  4. eHowFitness Channel– Contains many free videos for almost anything you’re looking to do/learn.
  5. CurtisPenner Channel – From befitandstrong.com, this channel provides lots of basic exercise videos.
  6. START Fitness– Free military style exercise videos.  Nice collection.
  7. Passion4profession Channel – Intends to promote through its multimedia contents, improvements in the physical condition and the development of a positive and winning state-of-mind, typical of sports environments.
  8. Johnson & Johnson health channel – A very nicely organised channel by J&J, one of the most successful companies in the world.  Lots of free health, nutrition and workout videos.
  9. HomeFitnessTV– Lots of quick and free exercise videos to stretch and strengthen core areas.
  10. Ask The Trainer Channel– Lots of free videos from a personal trainer.
  11. The Best Way To Exercise– Many videos with tips and techniques on best and simplest ways to exercise.
  12. SparkPeople’s channel– Provides free diet, nutrition and work out videos.  A very large community, tons of free exercise videos.
  13. ZiddyFit’s Channel – More free fitness exercises and balance training exercises
  14. Free Yoga Videos– Lots of free yoga videos on this channel.
  15. Yoga Today– Another channel with free yoga videos.
  16. ThinQ Fitness– Free on-line workout videos for all ages.
  17. The Best Way To Exercise– Largest list of free videos for full body workouts.
  18. Runner’s World TV– Free videos for runners, which includes other brilliant cardio exercises too.
  19. Bodyweightcultureman’s Channel– Another channel that teaches unique ways to get into shape.
  20. Deerunstoo’s channel– A certified public health educator, has lots of videos on YouTube that provide basic exercise videos as well as nutritional tips.