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What is the Shake That Weight Very Low Calorie Diet?

Achieving a healthy weight target is all about finding the right balance between the amount of energy (kals) you consume and the amount your burn off throughout the day. If you are actively trying to lose weight then eating healthy meals and maintaining physical fitness is the key to success!

Sometimes you need a bit extra help, which is where a very low calorie diet or VLCD, can be the correct choice for you. The principal is simple, to lose weight you need to use more energy than you consume.

Three a Day 1. Three a DayReplace your conventional meals with 3 nutritionally balanced Shake That Weight products.

Increase Your Activity 2. Increase Your ActivitySimple non strenuous exercise e.g walking can enhance the weight loss program resulting in even more weight loss.

Eat a Healthy Meal3. Eat a Healthy MealA healthy meal a day and low fat/nutritious snacks are encouraged. Check out our Healthy Eating page for ideas.

Fast, Effective Results4. Fast, Effective ResultsThe Shake That Weight plan encourages more rapid weight loss than traditional diets in a safe and simple manner.

*Drink plenty of water. Around 2-4 litres throughout the day is advised

Brand Carbs per meal replacement sachet Approx price per week (prices exclude P+P)
Shake That Weight 12.5 £20.83
Lighter Life 12.8 £65.40
Cambridge 14.1 £44.10
Lipotrim 15 £38
Exante 19.03 £53
Data gathered 11/12/13 and based on like for like “shake” product. Sourced from the brand website or real customer orders. All data is approximated and for guidance only.
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What our customer say


Wow! These shakes work :-)...

Aug 21, 2014 by Sarah Heaton

Wow! These shakes work :-) so cheap in comparison to other brands. Very tasty and filling

Great product - much tastier...

Aug 21, 2014 by Gill Hamilton

Great product - much tastier than other well known brands. I've lost 22lbs in 6 weeks so over the moon.

I use 3 shakes breakfast,...

Aug 21, 2014 by Dawn Lane

I use 3 shakes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. I enjoy a meal with my family in the evening but leave out the carbs.

The shakes taste great not too sweet like other brands. They are easy to mix. They are filling and satisfying.

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How Do Shake That Weight Products Help?

To achieve the best results you should consume Shake That Weight products as a meal replacement three times a day. The products contain added vitamins and minerals to give you all the nutrients you need and help support your wellbeing during the diet. It is recommended that you have one healthy meal a day so that it not only gives your body “real food” but it also helps maintain your enthusiasm for the diet. Healthy snacks between meals are also acceptable such as nuts and fruit

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