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Which juicer is right for you?

To juice or not to juice? That is the question that seems to be on the lips of every health enthusiast out there at the moment. We believe that juicing could make your approach to health easier and fresher than ever. However, be warned that a juicer that juices everything, is quick and efficient, and … Keep reading

Is Alcohol Preventing You From Losing Weight?

Many people are mystified as to why they aren’t losing weight when they cut down their calorie intake. Often the answer lies within alcohol and that weekend binge. There are far more calories in alcohol than people know and that’s not to mention the snacks that come along with the trip to the pub. Did … Keep reading

How to Start Losing Weight Today

Losing weight can be difficult. If you are overweight, making small steps towards the end goal will bring a range of important health benefits which ultimately will leave you feeling like a brand new person.

Healthy Takeaways: Chicken Curry

Curry is one of the UK’s favourite takeaways but it is often the case that the curry you order from your local Indian restaurant is high in fats. You should try to avoid anything that is creamy or deep fried to reduce the amount of fat in your meal, or if you are feeling adventurous … Keep reading

Healthy Food Swaps Make All The Difference To Your Diet

We have heard it all before, eating healthily and exercising regularly is key to losing weight but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Choosing healthier foods however, might be easier than you think. Make a few changes to your eating habits and you could make a big difference to your diet.

Are Goji Berries as Beneficial As We All Think?

Goji berries have been popular with the celebs for some years now but have been used in Chinese medicine for more than 6,000 years before that. It is claimed that these shrivelled berries carry the power to boost immune systems and brain activity whilst protecting against heart disease and cancer. Sounds too good to be … Keep reading

Eleven Energy Boosting & Disease Fighting Foods

The foods that are covered in this article are proven energy boosters as well as effective warriors against various diseases. Including them in your diet may help you find a healthier way of life. 1. Potatoes A single red potato may contain up to 66 micrograms of folate, which the body uses for building cells. … Keep reading

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Explained

If you’re trying to lose weight you are in the right place, eating healthily and being physically active are key. However, a very low calorie diet (VLCD) could be the right option, followed for a limited time they can help support you through this transition.