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How Many Calories Do You Burn In A Day?

15 July 2018

Our bodies are constantly burning calories all day long, whether we’re eating, reading or sleeping. No matter how sedentary the task, your body is constantly working hard to keep you in running order. We’ve decided to find out just what our bodies are doing with our calories as we go through our daily lives. From... Keep reading

Think you can’t lose weight because of your genetics? Think again!

13 March 2018

Don’t you just hate those people who can eat and eat and eat and eat and not seem to put on any weight when you just have to look at a custard cream and you put on half a stone? It’s true that some people’s metabolism means they can munch more than others, but if... Keep reading

Ketogenic diets could help slow ageing – yes, really!

16 February 2018

Ketogenic diets could help slow ageing – yes, really!   Unfortunately, time and ageing eventually come for us all. That doesn’t mean we can’t try and delay it as much as possible though, does it? Unless you’ve got millions of pounds to spend on Sharon Osbourne’s plastic surgeon, you only really have a couple of... Keep reading

5 Dieting Mistakes That Might Be Stopping You From Losing Weight

13 February 2018

Dieting can be a complicated. You might think you’re doing everything by the book and doing exactly what you’re supposed to and yet you’re still not losing weight. It can be demoralising and you might think that you’re unable to shed those pounds. It’s true that some people find it easier to lose weight than... Keep reading

How To Stay On Track With Your New Years Resolutions

15 January 2018

As we all know, New Year is a time when many of us make resolutions to change and improve our lives in some way. However, we also know that for most of us, it’s not always quite that simple. Whether it’s stopping smoking, losing weight, taking up a hobby, or something else, it can be... Keep reading

How to stay healthy over Christmas and New Year

19 December 2017

In the blink of an eye Christmas has rolled round again, and we all know what that means – the shops are horrendously busy, kids are already bouncing off the walls, and Love Actually is on repeat on ITV2. It also means an abundance of delicious (but unhealthy food) in the shops and inevitably in... Keep reading

How leading a healthier lifestyle is important for asthma-sufferers

6 November 2017

Around five and a half million people in the UK are currently being treated for asthma, and if one of those is you then you know just how problematic it can be. At its mildest, it can sometimes cause some shortness of breath when exercising, but for more serious cases it can be incredibly debilitating,... Keep reading