How to eliminate sugar from your diet!

Sugar is not just detrimental to your teeth but also your waistline. Not just in the calories that are contained within sugar but also from the fact that it actually slows down your metabolism.

Sugar is a staple, from the classic fizzy drink, to that spoonful in your tea, and the inevitable sweets. However, with the increased incidences of diabetes and weight gain, which can be prevented, it may be in your best interests to change your eating habits. Eliminating all sugar can be virtually impossible, but this will give you some good tips to make a positive change in your health and maybe even your weight.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to help remove sugar from your diet completely.

Start with Breakfast

The best way to start eliminating it is by removing it from your morning foods. Instead of eating cereal, try eggs, unsweetened yoghurt with fruit, or cottage cheese.

Eliminate sugar from coffee and tea.

Try an artificial sweetener or even unsweetened coffee or tea. Or, perhaps change to a fruit/herbal tea instead. Green tea with a slice of lemon has to be my current favourite and it is positivley oozing with anti-oxidants.

Ditch the sugar filled Orange Juice or fizzy drink and try sugar-free drinks or blitz your own juice.

Keep in mind that milk has sugar in it.

It is called lactose. In fact, everything that has the ending OSE, is sugar, as is honey, maple syrup, and many others. Know your sugars. Do not be fooled. Soy milk is an option, and unsweetened almond milk is quite good and a great substitute.

Consider your snacks

Try to eat healthy snacks or fatty snacks. Fat is not always your enemy. In fact, after protein it is the thing that will fill you up the fastest, which will make you less hungry and lessen sugar cravings.

Think about your toothpaste

When you feel a craving come on, brush your teeth or gargle mouthwash. Anything sweet will no longer taste good with a fresh mouth.

Get rid of temptations.

Skip that aisle in the supermarket and get the sweets out of the house—if you have to walk to the shop every time you want a fix, you’re less likely to give in.

Remember to take it one day at a time.

If you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. Just correct the mistake right away. Don’t wait till the next day. The worst thing you can do for yourself after a slip up is decide to “get back on track” tomorrow. Do it today, right now. If you open up a Twix, instead of eating both halves, give the other away. If you just opened a tin of pop and realise what you’re doing, dump it out. If you forgot yourself and delve into a slice of cake, take a breath, put down the fork, drink some water, brush your teeth and distance yourself from the sugar.

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  1. If you are trying to eliminate sugar from your diet, why is there so much fructose in your products, one of the worst sugars to spike your blood sugars

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