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How to survive long-haul travel!

Being enclosed in a metal tube for several hours can be hard even for the most frequent passenger. But long haul flights don’t have to be the uncomfortable experience we expect. Here are some helpful tips for the next time you step on board..   Pack snacks Hunger on the ground is bad enough, but … Keep reading

Christmas Travel Ideas!

Nowadays with the world much closer together, were much more likely to have family abroad or at on the other side of the country. This makes Christmas one of the bussiest times for travellers and also can be pretty nasty on the wallet and sometimes your nerves. If you are travelling this Christmas whether by car for a … Keep reading

Avoiding Travel Stress!

While travel has always been a somewhat stressful experience, increased airport security and other factors have made travel even more stressful in recent years. Whether you’re travelling for business, a holiday or to simply to see loved ones, there are simple steps you can take to reduce the stress of your next trip. The following … Keep reading

UK’s best Alternative Adventure Holidays

There’s no shortage of different types of adventure holiday within the UK, from walking the highest of mountains, cycling from coast to coast or doing it all at one of this countries many outdoor centres. An adventure holiday is not just a good way of challenging yourself, or learning a new skill, it could also … Keep reading

UK Walking Destinations!

Here in the UK you’re never too far away from a spectacular place to dust of that anorak and go for a long walk. Good for the heart, the soul and indeed the eyes too, here are some of the best places to go for a weekend walking. Lake District Up in the north west … Keep reading

Wear Sunscreen!

If I could offer you one tip for the summer, sunscreen would be it! The following information has been collected from the British Association of Dermatologists and the British skin foundation. Let’s face it we all want to go on holiday and come back with an absolute beast of a tan, not only to look … Keep reading

Packing Tips

No matter who you are packing for a holiday can be a highly stressful event especially left until last minute, I know that’s me anyway, struggling to cram all my essentials and just-in-case outfits in to my bag, here are some of the best packing tips I have picked up from around the web, to … Keep reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of City Breaks

  Haven’t got the time or the budget to go travelling around the world? Why not take a quick city break. Psychologists believe that people who use their holiday allowance in bursts rather than all in one go are happier, as people who take so-called mini-breaks have more happy memories than those who holiday for … Keep reading

Have a healthy flight!

Summer holiday season is fast approaching and if you like me find the most stressful part of your holiday the flight to and from your destination, then check out this helpful info-graphic. I know I will be trying these suggestions the next time I am flying anywhere in the hope of a more healthy flight.

The UK’s top cycling destinations

Whether you happen to be lucky enough to live near to one of these top cycling destinations or fancy spending the holiday time you have got booked up doing something a little bit different, check out these wonderful cycling routes. With plenty of guides available whichever route you choose we thought we’d give you the … Keep reading