How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

If you’re lucky enough to live a long life, it would be a shame for it to not be as fruitful as could be. After all there are something’s inescapable, that you can barely go a day without doing and they may well be stopping you from living your life to the full.

The average time you spend doing certain things can vary from week to week but here I have researched some of the UK’s average times spent on certain aspects of life, things that range from the unavoidable to the damn right regrettable.

Taking the average life span as three score and ten (that’s 70 years), here are the ways you’ll spend your life…

8-hours a day of average is spent sleeping that’s 56-hours a week that’s 121 days a year an overwhelming 23 years of your lifetime that you’ll spend sleeping, it’s fair to say that the average human will certainly spend the majority of their life sleeping rather than anything else, Right?

Well take work, between the age of 20 and 65 the average Brit works 40 hours a week, that’s over 10 years of your life at work.

2hrs a day cooking eating or in restaurants, that’s over 5 years of your life that you spend gorging yourself.

4 hours a day watching television that’s nearly 10 years of your life watching TV, and another 8 years of your life with other media devices.

So far we have accounted for nearly 56 years of you’re 70, and we haven’t even touched on the other important factors, such as, time spent in the bathroom, commuting to work, time spent at the gym or learning an instrument or even having sex.

Think what changes you could make to your life now, to give you more time for the things you enjoy.

(I suggest you ditch the TV rather than the sex)