Family Christmas ideas

Need to find ways of entertaining the kids this Christmas or even just yourself but are on a limited budget, here are some little ideas to help you throughout the festive season.

Build ginger bread houses

Making a house out of ginger bread seems like some far fetched thing from a fairy tale, oh it is, The Brothers Grimm features this very thing in Hansel and Gretel. Try making your own miniature houses out of ginger bread.

Go on a Holiday Lights Tour

There’s bound to be a Blackpool illumination tribute in your neck of the woods! Go for a walk (weather permitting) or pile the kids in the car, put on some Christmas tunes, and drive around to homes or neighborhoods known for their over-the-top Christmas lights displays.

Make Wreaths (Real or Paper Ones)

Everybody loves a festive wreath! Take the kids outside for a quick winter walk to gather evergreen branches and pinecones, trim some from the bottom of your Christmas tree, or just buy some at the store. Attach your greens to a foam or wire ring (a bent metal coat hanger works well) and allow the kids to decorate it with ornaments and bows.

Have a Christmas Movie Night

Home Alone 1 and 2, Elf, are two of my favourites. For kids old enough for some extended screen-time, spending an afternoon or evening watching Christmas movies is a must! (You could also spread out your movie marathon over the course of a week.) Let each family member choose their favourite holiday flick to watch with the family.
Play in the Snow

If you have white Christmases in your area, this idea might go without saying. But we can all use a little reminder to get outdoors and play — especially when the winter chill sets in. Remember all the things you did in the snow as a kid (pre-video games!), such as building a snowman or fort, making snow angels, and going sledding or ice skating. There’s something more magical about outdoor winter play around Christmas time, so get your clan off the couch!

Make Christmas Cookies

Choc-chip, Cinnamon crunch or Gingerbread men! There are just too many tasty holiday cookies to choose from. Children of all ages can get involved in the kitchen on “cookie day.” Younger kids can add pre-measured ingredients, stir the bowl, and decorate cooled cookies. Older kids can pitch in with almost any steps, with your guidance.

Go Carolling or Have a Sing-Along

Yes, some families do still go Christmas carolling door-to-door, including mine! Homes where you know the residents might be more welcoming than total strangers in this day and age. (If you’re lucky, you’ll be invited in for some spirits and snacks!) If singing in public isn’t your thing, a family sing-along at home can be just as fun.

Attend a Christmas Concert or parade

If your family really isn’t musical, leave the fa la la-ing up to someone else. Check out the events calendar at your child’s school or in the local newspaper for free or inexpensive holiday concerts, Christmas plays, and other performances open to the public. Most schools and churches have something entertaining to offer, and it’s great to support the local arts.

Craft Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree is probably already on your to-do list. Make this holiday tradition even more special by adding a new kid-made Christmas ornament each year. Mark the year on your ornaments so that you can keep track of when each was created!

Have a Hot Chocolate Buffet

Mmm… There’s nothing like a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cold December night. Kick it up for the holiday season by making a buffet of toppings for your cocoa. Some ideas include whipped cream, marshmallows, crushed candy canes, shaved chocolate, chocolate chips, and cinnamon dots. Get creative! The kids will love customizing their hot cocoa — a fun and easy activity for Christmas Eve.