Can’t cook, won’t cook

Cooking for yourself, is one of the easiest moves you can make towards a more healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest challenges in life is not falling to the misconception that you can’t do something, you can (within reason) do anything, achieve anything and always surpass your own expectations.

I remember my first meeting with a very good friend of mine, going round to her house for a few drinks before going out, and she was sat there playing her guitar trying to finish a new song. Knowing that I was a writer (although a fledgling one at that) she asked if I played. My response, ‘no I can’t’ her response ‘you just can’t yet’, and she proceeded to hand me the guitar and taught me two chords. Now, if was asked the same question I will happily answer yes, only a year since I answered I couldn’t I have now taught myself more than just the basics and regularly sit down after a long day staring at a computer screen to pick up the guitar and play.

I hope you have got the relevance here to cooking, or indeed peoples want to say ‘I can’t cook’ or ‘I wish I could cook’ well you can, you just might not have learnt yet. Cooking is like any other hobby that takes a little skill and determination to get better at. The tools to learn this new skill are all at your disposal, forget about the cooking programmes that show new gadgets and equipment. Barring an oven, a couple of hobs and decent set of pans and knives the only other things you need are patience and trip down to your local market. And, a recipe to follow of course.

The key to being able to cook well is all in preparation, and I would say that reading a recipes method before starting is a great place to begin. We will be regularly bringing you new low calorie recipes for you to learn from, not only will they be great for your waistline but also they will provide you a base to push off from in the advancement of your culinary skills.
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