9 Foods You Should Always Avoid.

These nine foods have been my biggest downfall to my weight-loss over the years, until I started cutting them all out one by one and started to find foods that give me just as much pleasure to eat without half of the guilt.


High in saturated fat, salt and carbs. Crisps are the devil of temptation for anyone seeking weight loss. If you do like the occasional snack food, then try substituting crisps, for rice cakes or low fat popcorn.

Squirty/Double Cream

The squirty stuff contains extra saturated fat to keep it fresh for longer and double cream, or whipping cream is high in fat. Try substituting cream for low-fat yoghurt, it is high in calcium but low in saturated fat.


There is an obscenely unhealthy amount of calories in just one doughnut, and it will not fill you up either, so you will instantly feel like reaching for another. Substitute for a whole grain bagel, with some cottage cheeses for a much healthier and far more filling snack.


From Hotdogs to your local butchers special sausages are always high in saturated fat and will only ever harm your waistline efforts. If you can’t resist a good sausage I would highly recommend switching to one of the many vegetarian options, they contain a lot less fat, but still pack a healthy dose of protein.

Fried Chicken

One of the healthiest meats you can eat, turned in to an unhealthy nightmare, well what do you expect when you batter and fry chicken with the skin left on. If you are craving some lovely white meat, get skinless chicken breasts season them with chilli, lime or even some black pepper and throw them under the grill, you’ll reduce the fat content whilst keeping hold of the protein needed for muscle growth.


Now I for one could never give up on cheese. However, I treat it as a delicacy and no longer try to incorporate cheese in to every meal I make. High in all the worst kinds of fat, avoid cheddar and mozzarella and if you minds not letting you avoid the cheese then stick to healthier options like Brie and Feta.


A real staple of the british diet and my all time favourite guilt food. I gave up eating chips this year and so far have gone 7 months without eating a single one. Due to this I have not only continued to firm up my stomach I have also avoided nearly all take-a-ways, as if I’m not going eat chips what’s the point of having any other easy to obtain cheap and high in fat food. If you feel like you can’t give up on chips right away, try making your own with sweet potatoes instead, trust me they’re awesome.

Soft White Bread

By now we have all heard to stay away from bread if you’re looking to lose weight. However, I only advise to stay away from white bread. Lacking in nutrients and vitamins it will not fill you up anywhere near as much as wholegrain varieties and has much more sugar. You can also substitute white bread for whole grain bagels, and also watch your sandwich fillings, in particular stay away from mayonnaise.


Whether it’s a take away or a shop bought pizza they are high in salt, carbs and saturated fat, so avoid them at all costs. If pizza your holy grail of food like so many, then try making your own. Not only is it always a rewarding experience to cook any meal for yourself from scratch, you will be avoiding adding too much to your waistline at the same time.

What is your diet downfall?

Please share with us the foods that you constantly try to avoid, and any substitutions that you have found to be just as good if not better, for how much healthier they leave you feeling.