Essential Christmas dieting tips!

Christmas is the hardest time of year for many, and not least those who are trying to lose weight. Parties, alcohol, mince pies, chocolates and of course Christmas dinner, Christmas dinner, Christmas Dinner. The average response ‘I’ll deal with my weight after Christmas’

However, do you really want to reach the other side of the new year and have the scales read 7 pounds higher? Of course you don’t.

Here are some essential tips to try and help your waist this Christmas…

  1. Eat before the party

Turning up to a party hungry, will only result in one thing, trying to satisfy your hunger with anything you can get.

Hunger will easily affect your ability to say no to that mince pie.

Have a light snack or even your standard evening meal and skip the party food altogether.


2. Long only for your likes

When entertained by variety, us humans love to sample everything on offer. But don’t do it!

You should know from previous experience that there will only be a few things you really like, so don’t fill yourself up on everything, just pick out those few favourite delacacies.

3. Go Only Once

In a buffet or canapé situation, rather than returning for seconds, thirds or fiths, take all you want to eat the first time. And stick with it.

This will make it easier to know how much you have eaten and won’t leave you in regret.

4. Find a balance

People who stay slim but gorge themselves when they’re sitting next to you at a meal do this by compensating for what they are eating by having less before or after.

If you’re having a heavy dinner, have a light lunch.

5. Smaller Servings

If given a slice of cake (and you’re like me) you’ll eat all of it, given a slice twice as big and you’ll still eat all of it.

Shrink your serving size of food and you will eat less. While at it, try a smaller glass of wine, or half a lager instead of a pint and you’ll drink less too.

6. Make a quota, and stick to it!

Pick a food you love and usually gorge yourself on, and decide exactly how much you will eat over Christmas. I love mince pies and know that I could easily buy a box of six as soon as they hit the shelves (in September?) and eat them all in one sitting.

Now though I have a quota of six, and will not eat my first until Christmas eve, (well hopefully anyway) Make a quota for your most guilt ridden foods and stick to it!


7. Try not to buy the worst foods.

You can have a house brimming with food at Christmas, but you don’t have to buy it in October, or November, the shops will still be heavily laden come mid-December, and even then consider the calories. Don’t buy that box of Quality Street until you know they’ll be people around other than yourself to eat it.

Or, go the whole hogg and make your house as guilt free as possible this Christmas, and save yourself some pennies as well as the pounds.

8. Share your food!

If you are a Joey like me. (Joey doesn’t share food!) Sharing can be difficult, but it can be the best way of eating less and still get to eat the foods you love.

9. Delay, Delay, Delay.

Everyone hates being told “NO” even saying it to yourself is difficult to handle. However, when you get offered that mince pie when you walk through the door of the party don’t say no, try “I’ll have one later” this way you will bypass the natural longing to go against the negative and may even forget that you were offered one in the first place.


10. Don’t be setback

Inevitably you like me will slip up when it comes to healthy eating this Christmas, but it’s important that you don’t let it get you down. or discourage you from the hard work you’ve already put in.

Remember, the worst thing you can do is give in. Stay strong and if you do slip up, get back on track as soon as possible. as it will make all the difference by the time it comes to January!