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Georgina Pearson


I wanted to drop some weight fast and read about the Newcastle Diet for diabetes which is basically 800 cals per day for 8 weeks. I was on a lot of medication and was sick of it.

I did some research and chose these shakes as I needed to drink about 600 cals per day in meal replacement and then eat about 150/200 more in non-starchy veg. I was amazed that the shakes actually filled me up and I didn’t really feel hungry. I had warned my colleagues that I would be really grumpy for 8 weeks but they were amazed that I was so OK with it all.

I lost half a stone in the first week and that really gave me an incentive to stick at it. After 8 weeks I had lost 2 and a half stone and was feeling good about myself for the first time in years. I also came off my daily injections for diabetes and my blood sugar came down to almost pre-diabetic levels!

I lost further weight over the next few months by just radically cutting down what I ate and occasionally doing the 5:2 using some shakes on the fasting days. Recently I put a little back on but got the shakes and bars again and have lost a stone in four weeks.

I love the mint choc shakes as I find that flavour is the most palatable. I also really like the bars as it helps to have something solid sometimes. It can get very boring just having shakes and I find boredom is my biggest trigger to overeating more than actual hunger. You can do VLCD without these products but I find that I get more hungry because these shakes etc are specially designed to fill you up. I think they are amazing!!

I would recommend STW to anyone who wants a kick start. No one is suggesting you use them forever but they can be a literal lifesaver. They have changed my life and I’m so grateful to be off the meds and even getting some backwards glances in the street again- even in my 40s!

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