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Keto Energy Shake Chocolate 500g (14 servings)


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Gluten Free


Eat Protein’s Keto Energy Shake is a ready to mix lactose free powder developed to support those on a lower carb keto lifestyle. Made with high quality coconut MCT fats that are hydrolysed more rapidly and metabolized more completely than Long Chain Fatty Acids to provide a quick source of ketones and support your bodies energy shift to being fuelled by fats.  The shake is naturally sweetened with stevia and uses natural flavourings, to provide a high fibre and gluten free shake that fuels your keto lifestyle. Easy to make on the go in a shaker bottle, simply add 3 scoops to 210ml of water* and shake until well dissolved.

*add more water if a thinner consistency is desired.

Fuelled by Coconut MCT

Lactose Free

Natural Sweeteners

High Fibre

Low Sugar

High Protein

Gluten Free

Palm Oil Free