Boost My Fibre

Boost My Fibre is a fibre supplement created from 100% natural ingredients that can help aid your weight loss and improve bowel function.

1. Pour 200ml of cold water in to a glass.
2. Add 4g (4ml) of powder.
3. Stir until fully dissolved.
4. Consume 3 times per day.


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Nutritional Information
Per (12g)Per Serving (4g)
Fibre (g) 10 3.4

100% Chicory Inulin (Fibre).

Allergens: See above in Bold

180g Tub (45 Servings per tub)

Consuming fibre is one of the most effective ways of ensuring healthy digestion, but most of us don’t do enough to keep our gut happy. That’s where Boost My Fibre can help.

The most important benefit of fibre is the way it keeps our digestive system healthy. It helps promote healthy bacteria in the gut that has a whole host of amazing benefits, including improving bowel function, blood sugar management, satiety, weight management, and much more.

Unlike most other leading brands, only Boost My Fibre’s high grade ingredients have been clinically proven by the EFSA to contribute towards normal bowel function.

Using Boost My Fibre couldn’t be easier. Just dissolve in water or sprinkle over food (don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the taste), and there you have it – a simple way to regularly add more fibre into your diet.