Category: Snacks

6th September 2018


The nutty granola is packed with all kinds of filling, healthful foods.

Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet potatoes add a new twist to this classic recipe. Plus, we’ve chosen healthful ingredients that pack flavor and nutrients, not calories.


Muesli means mix. This wonderful mixture of oats, yogurt, fruits, and almonds is great any time of day.

Texas-Style Bean Dip

This spicy, nutritious bean dip will be a hit at parties and potlucks.

Olive and Carrot Salsa

This Mediterranean salsa goes especially well with seafood.

Sweet Potato Kale Salad

Sweet potatoes and kale join forces in this tasty, nutritional powerhouse of a dish.

Witch’s Slaw

This slaw makes a special Halloween treat!

Mock Guacamole

This mock guac packs a ton of nutrients!

Sweet Squash Pudding

This nutrient-rich dessert is sure to be a show-stopper!

Easy Pumpkin Pudding

This simple pudding comes together in a snap!